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Maximizing rooftop lease rent for property owners.

Improving performance of commingled telecom assets.

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About Us

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Who We Are

Wireless Asset Slice (“WAS”) is a Boston-based FinTech/PropTech venture at the intersection of telecommunications and commercial real estate (CRE).  With deep experience in CRE, we generate revenue from rooftop wireless sites and generate deal flow for infrastructure investors in the sector.


Founded by a veteran in the wireless and renewable energy space and an investment banker from Lazard, WAS represents property owners in their relations with towercos and wireless carriers (AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile).

The Problem

Property owners are unaware that their rooftop cell lease provision entitles them to annual property tax (real or personal) reimbursement from cell tower tenants as additional rent

Why does this problem exist

Rooftop lease rent is relatively small and not a core business focus

Most property owners have leases siloed, not centralized

Leases auto-renew without scrutiny

Property tax segregation is complicated

No telecom line item on property tax bill

Tax assessment methods vary by jurisdiction

Segregating telecom assessments is often impenetrable

Owners won't DIY

Carriers reject reimbursement claims by owners

Significant quantification + documentation required

95% of tax reimbursement is uncollected

Verizon Cell Site Lease Excerpt

Tenant shall pay as additional rent any increase in real estate taxes levied against the leased Property and the improvements constructed thereon by Tenant, which increased taxes are directly attributable to the Tenant’s use and occupancy of said premises.

Market + Opportunity


Rooftop site leases


75% have tax clause


Leases have tax clause


90% are assessed


Rooftop sites which are assessed

5% of owners DIY


Eligible US leases


Yearly reimbursement opportunity

Dish Antenna

The Wireless Asset Slice ("WAS") Solution

Platform + system to analyze and maximize the value of telecom leases

Workflow process uses AI to identify and automate tax reimbursement and provide reports to clients

Step 1

Client Engagement

We engage Large property owners (office, multi-family, storage) with 5 year service contracts.

Step 3

Tax Quantification

 We apply municipal assessment methods and tax rates to quantify tax reimbursement due to the client.

Step 2

Lease Analysis

Our custom AI model scans, abstracts and reviews wireless leases for tax reimbursement eligibility.

Step 4

Invoice Creation

Analyst uses AI to produce detailed invoice for cell carrier (15-45 pages) which we track. 

Client Result - significant increase in rent (>20% per telecom lease)

No service payments to Wireless Asset Slice until reimbursement received by cell tower tenant

Customized dashboard for centralized telecom lease management

Meet the Team

Our team brings together experts in telecom, real estate, and legal to address the nuances of cell site tax reimbursement.


60 Weston Rd

Lincoln, MA 01773




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