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Lollapalooza Music Festival 2016 Chicago Grant Park at Buckingham  Fountain short tower Steve Kropper up tower
Wind Turbines
Steve Kropper and Maine Congressman Jared Golden
Alternative Energy

Clean Tech

Steve Kropper with US House Representative Jared Golden


Wind project finance was hampered because investors discounted forecasts which guessed wind resources at hub height based on short towers.  I negotiated lease options with American Tower, Crown Castle and Verizon covering over 12,000 towers over 80 meters high.  Then we generated meteorological data to finance wind farms.  

Five of the top ten US wind power developers bought our data.

  • Founding Fellow – Northeast Clean Energy Council. Mid-career program to draw technology CEOs into the cleantech field. 

 I was in the first class of 11 Fellows and went on to found WindPole Ventures.

  • Energy Manager for three Boston Hospitals. 

  • First US super-insulation retrofit in the US.

  • Chair, municipal energy conservation committee.

High Tech



Vice President, US Business Development

The Company grew from 5, to now 450 staff - Lead US business development for advanced 3G/4G/5G wireless network LTE wireless network infrastructure venture.   Established trust relationships with key stakeholders including the customers, VARs, federal legislators, trade associations, standards bodies.  Negotiated terms, managed field engineering and external customer teams for high profile deployments with the intelligence, public safety, defense, and carrier communities including Super Bowl, Rose Bowl, Republican Convention in Cleveland, Indy Speedway, Lollapalooza.  Established ubiquitous US brand visibility through dozens of presentations and role as spokesperson.


Every morning, I’d work on a strategy to manage the threat from competition to this national flag carrier….and at night I’d advise their joint venture which was penetrating another first-world nation newly opened market 10,000 miles away. 

Cell Towers


Friends asked “You know about cell towers, right?  We have one to sell.”  

I wrote the prospectus, managed the auction, worked with the buyer.  Sold the tower for over $2m.


I negotiated lease options with American Tower, Crown Castle and Verizon covering thousands of towers over 80 meters high. Then we generated meteorological data to finance wind farms and manage grid integration of intermittent renewable power sources. 

Learn more about selling a tower HERE




Just 21 days before the Republican Convention, we accepted the Governor of Ohio’s challenge to build a public safety network.  Three days before the deadline, the Secret Service said ‘no’ to our roof access.  FBI wouldn’t let us on the casino garage.  The City revoked our permit, and the State got cold feet.  We built the network despite these hurdles!


A speaker canceled just 24 hours ahead of a hearing of the Maryland State Senate Finance committee in Maryland.

I came in from out of state, prepared testimony and delivered my remarks on a topic where I had no prior experience.


On the last day of Winter in 2015, seventy-two Massachusetts legislators participated in the "GovOnTheT" an exercise where Steve Kropper and partner successfully challenged elected officials with a one-hour commute or less, to take a train, subway, bus or ferry to the State House in Boston.  'This initiative influenced the State legislature's restructuring and financial support for the transit system.


At age 17, Kropper was threatened with a humdrum summer job.  He found a list of Army RFPs.  He passed over the battleships and missiles and bid on one enabled by his designs for expedition tents and backpacks.  Kropper became the youngest person to win an Army R&D contract. 


What would you do if you received this message 18 days before the Super Bowl?
“Hi, Steve this is _____This is very close, less than two and a half weeks from the Super Bowl. Because this is a National Special Security Event, we are requesting, by tomorrow, coordination letters from the FBI, and Secret Service.  We also need a letter from the NFL, all by close of business tomorrow, otherwise, we will have to disapprove this STA.”    

These conditions WERE MET and the event was a success.


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