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When market opportunity demands a fast, managed response.


StoreWindow.TV -  Mining hidden value from millions of square feet of vacant retail windows.  A dynamic video advertising rotation onto Main Street shopfronts.  Supports lease promotions by the property owner and brokers.

Cellular Solutions - Advised founder on growth plan, hired leadership and analysts.  Consults for property owners with rooftop cellular antenna sites.  October, 2021: CSL reached gross revenue over $1,000,000 over a fortnight!  CSL represents property owners in negotiations with carriers and other tenants to increase revenue, whether owners hold or sold lease rights. 

High Plains Radio Network - Finance and strategy guidance to network of fifty radio stations with plan to add 300 stations in 2022. 


Fennix Systems - Software venture with superior performance in license plate recognition.  Installations include the largest US parking garage, Chicago Skyway tollbridge, ParkN'Fly and Laz Parking.


Parallel Wireless - Starting as ‘employee’ #5, and leaving the firm when it had grown to over 450.  I ran business development, made the company’s brand ubiquitous in the US after negotiating, managing and promoting high profile deployments at the Super Bowl, Indy Speedway, Rose Bowl, Republican Convention, NY Marathon, DHS Jamming exercises, and cross-border deployments. - When a lender awoke us to a 7x revenue opportunity, we dropped the paywall.  $5m in capital vaulted us from a regional player to the #5 US real estate web site driven by deals for access to 17 key content providers.  AI filtered the traffic growth that came from private-label versions for five of the top media players like Bloomberg, Yahoo, AOL, Dow Jones, and even Consumer Reports.   



When the world’s largest defense contractor was bidding on a civilian telecom deal, they put me in a room at HQ, isolated me and asked me to impose discipline by drafting a bid like the competition.


Experienced at raising capital for established companies, turnarounds, and startups.


When leadership falters or a company runs out of money.  A Boston fund asked me to evaluate a portfolio company on the brink.  Then they asked me to lead it.  We did an ABC, a re-cap and cleaned up the company for the next round.



Involved in field work for every presidential campaign since 1976.  In field for a successful campaign for a US House seat in October 2018.

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